A Group of millionaires asked a homeless man to leave his house because he SPOILS their beach view

A millionaire group from New Zealand has endeavored to evict a homeless person who is living in a cave that is just nearby to their rich community.

Awhi, 64, started living in an ancient cave during the pandemic last year
Source: Stuff Limited

A 64-year-old Māori man referred to just as Awhi moved into the cavern back in 2020, setting up a shoddy kitchen complete with pots, pan, and even shelves. He had recently lived in a nearby park but he shifted to a cave because of a covid pandemic.

The rich people, who live in multi-million dollar homes around Mt Drury Reserve in the seashore town of Mt Maunganui, were troubled with regards to Awhi camping out so nearby, accepting he was ruining their waterfront views from the sea.

Source: Stuff Limited

According to Stuff.NZ Awhi said: There is no housing out there, mate. It was the only place I could find shelter, in the rock. It might seem pretty grim but to me it is just a shelter, somewhere to stay warm. There are a lot of other people in the world today that are worse off than I am. Who am I to complain?

Awhi, who has was working as a builder and in ranger service, went on to state the millionaire group wants him out, and that there had been a residence meeting about him, and they even asked the support from, Tauranga MP Simon Bridges (leader of the opposition).

Source: Stuff Limited

Simon affirmed to Stuff.NZ that he had been approached by local people who needed Awhi to be moved on, expressing, ‘If I had a couple of million dollars of mortgage there I might feel the same’.

The MP proceeded to state that the genuine solution to this issue would be to provide more homes for the homeless people, noticing that, only five years prior, Awhi would have been helped into ‘some form of social housing’.

Wealthy locals have held meetings about getting the homeless man booted out of the cave
Source: Stuff Limited

Awhi, who has been homeless for quite a while, disclosed he had been visited by cops and council staff and they had since ‘go to an agreement. He added that they can ‘groan and moan’, yet can’t really move him on, stressing ‘there is no housing out there.


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