A cameraman captured a rare phenomenon Dolphins making mud rings

Quite a while back, a Cameraman dealing with a BBC Earth documentary called “One Life” recorded something they had never seen. A case of bottlenose dolphins living off the shoreline of Florida showed a novel chasing technique by making mud rings around fish.

One dolphin will rapidly swim in a circle around a sandbar of fish while energetically beating its tail. This will stir up the mud on the seabed. As the dolphin swims in an always fixing ring, the mud acts as a fishing net and traps the fish inside. The dolphin and its unit mates then enjoy an easy meal as the fish panic and try to jump out – just to land in the dolphins’ mouths.

Dolphins are known for their exceptionally individualistic practices. Various cases in various territories will do various things. For instance, BBC Earth News revealed that a few dolphins in Australia will snatch conch shells from the lower part of the ocean and carry them to the surface. They will at that point overturn them and eat any fish that drop out.

Other Australian dolphins are “spongers” which implies they will carry ocean sponges in their mouths while chasing on the lower part of the sea to ensure their noses.

Take a look at the video below:

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