A 24-year-old woman is making $5,500 a month selling used underwear

A woman working in a supermarket claims she is making up to £4,000 ($5,567) a month selling her used underwear on the web.

Tatiana Bee selfie
Source: Tatiana Bee

Tatiana Bee, from London, UK, begun the unconventional side hustle back in April 2019, she was desperately looking the ways to increase her income subsequent to moving out of home.

However, when the 24-year-old went over the Sofia Gray site, she never realized that it is going to give her a good amount of money.

The website gives a platform where individuals can purchase and sell used dresses, and when the pandemic struck, she saw her profit take off up to £4,000 ($5,567) in a month.

In an exclusive interview to Ladbible, she said: “It kind of fluctuates each month, if that makes any sense, It’s not exactly like I know I’m definitely going to get this amount this month. It depends on the client, it depends on how busy it is, what people are doing.

She further added: “On my best month, I can make around £4,000 pounds. But I’ve only ever really made that like once or twice. Everything else has been, you know, around £1,400 ($1,951).”

She makes more from the site than the supermarket. Credit: Tatiana Bee
Source: Tatiana Bee

You may be surprised why she’s actually working her normal job in that supermarket. Well, the reason is Tatiana does not want her family should know about her other source of income.

Tatiana charges £40 ($55.77) for a ’24-hour wear’ pair of underwear, yet those charges are dynamic can go up depends on the type of request or demand. It is up to her whether she is going to accept those requests or not (might be she getting some weird requests)

She isn't keen on her family knowing about it. Credit: Tatiana Bee
Source: Tatiana Bee

She explains: “Sometimes they can ask for a particular colour [underwear]. So I do that. There are certain things that I don’t do, which is, you know, number two in there – which some people have requested. I just personally wouldn’t do that. I just couldn’t package it myself and send it!”

Tatiana said she is proud of what she is doing and this is how modern businesses look like.

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