9-year-old girl bullied – her mom went on the internet for support

We probably won’t believe that bullying is widely accepted as it used to be, however, there can be no denying that it is still a serious issue.

But unfortunately, bullying still present in all sections of our society, from schools to friendship groups, from sports groups to professional workplaces

But the most disheartening part of bullying is when it impacts small kids, the individuals who don’t have a clue how to manage it and really make the words and actions of others to heart. One parent who thoroughly understands the overwhelming outcomes of harassing is Nicole O’Shea, a mother who composed a blog for Love What Matters to explain how her 9-year-old little girl turned into a victim of bullying.

Credit / Nicole O’Shea

“She’s 9,” Nicole wrote:

“Nine years old and already learning what it feels like to have her heart broken by the unkindness of the world. She already knows what it feels like to have her peers comment on her body, her face, her clothes, her family.

She’s been called too stupid, too fat, too ugly, too poor, too loud, too huggy, too wild, too messy. She’s been uninvited because she’s not pretty enough, skinny enough, happy enough, funny enough, liked enough.

Those words don’t hurt me because I know they’re not true. I know she’s enough. What hurts me is how broken those words make her. What kills me is how she believes the naysayers of the world instead of her mama, the person who knows her best.

And that, my friends is why we HAVE to learn to love ourselves.

These babies are watching us. They’re learning how to love themselves by watching how we love our own selves. They CANNOT hear us when we tell them they’re enough because they’re too busy hearing us tell ourselves we’re not.

I vow to erase self-hate from my life. I promise to learn to appreciate who and what I am without exception. I will love me. Because me loving me is the only way I can teach her to love her.

Nicole also asked others to imagine their youngsters in a similar circumstance and the hurt and torture that would mean.

Credit / Nicole O’Shea

She further added:

If this hit you in some kind of way, I know it’s because you’re picturing your own kids and the struggles they’ve seen. I am one mom of one daughter and our story is not unique. It’s the story of every mother and the daughters they’re raising.

But we aren’t here to dwell in the heartache. We’re here to breed confidence and resiliency in the hearts of our babies. With that in mind, I want to hear from the mamas and the aunties and the grandmas and the teachers, and all the women who have little girls looking up to them …

I want you to picture that little woman you’re helping to shape and promise me right now you’re going to start loving yourself the way you want her to love herself.”

Nicole we stands with your daughter. Love

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