News anchor caught the kidnapper while reporting the crime scene

They say that criminals usually get back to the location of the crime, however, it’s difficult to accept that it is true until you hear a story like this one. One kidnapper really got back to the location of the crime with the canine he kidnapped, and he returned exactly at the right moment to get caught.

Take a look at the video below to watch the exact moment of this incident.

News anchor Juliana Mazza was announcing about the case of a stollen little dog. She was in the parking area where the little dog was stolen out of a vehicle. The doggy had pretty explicit markings, a brown head, brown around the tail and a primarily white body. This made it workable for Mazza to reconsider when she saw a man strolling a canine while she was shooting the story about a missing canine.

The abducted canine’s name was Titus, and the quick-thinking news anchor had a thought. She asked the man strolling the canine if she could pet the canine he was strolling. He agreed, yet Mazza really does not like to pet the canine. She just wanted to take a look at this canine collar and check whether the name on the collar was Titus. It was.

Mazza never thought she would be the one to discover the kidnapper, however now here she was with the criminal standing in front of her with a kidnapped dog in his hand. She dialed 911.

As the news became viral people responded to this on social media:

One said: Honestly she is really smart. The dognapper probably thought she just came to pet the dog before a shoot. She didn’t freak out. She handled it really well.

A second one said: Hearing the dog make those emotional noises when his owner hugs him got me!

A third one added: Great job!! Also, surveillance cameras may seem like invasion of privacy to some but they sure help solve crimes.

While a fourth one said: The dog CRYING and his little mini tail wagging when his owner got him back literally just shows how happy that little baby was. He was probably freaking out wondering why some weirdo just grabbed him out of his car

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Mom of 11 who’s been pregnant since she got married have a desire to have 14 children

A mother who had ten children in ten years, and has since welcomed her eleventh youngster, has announced her desires to have 14 kids in future

Source: PA Real Life

Courtney Rogers, 36, who lives in Santa Fe area, New Mexico, was a virgin lady of the hour when she wedded minister husband Chris, 32, in October 2008.

Source: PA Real Life

The couple gave birth to their eleventh kid in November a year ago, and now have six young boys and five young girls: Clint, 11, Clay, nine, Cade, eight, Callie, seven, Cash, six, twins Colt and Case, five, Calena, four, Caydie, two, Coralee, 23 months, and Caris, a half year.

Source: PA Real Life

Courtney, the oldest of six, met Chris through mutual companions at a church camp in Georgia in 2007. She has not been over nine months without being pregnant since she married her better half, who is the oldest of ten kids.

Source: PA Real Life

The couple, whose month-to-month food shops cost $1,200 home-school their huge brood and drive a 15 seater van, as per The Sun, however, the couple still want to have more kids in the future. ‘We want to have more if we can,’ said Courtney. ‘We want to have 12 children, a family of 14 even.’

Source: PA Real Life

In January, because of the financial condition, the family had to cut out all meals and days out, which were costing above and beyond $1,000 per month. The children wear hand-me-out garments and shoes, with homemaker Courtney does some sale shopping to save money for future

Source: PA Real Life

Courtney and Chris, who were both self-taught, say they love showing their kids on their 12-acres of the land of land – which has farm as well. Furthermore, the dedicated mother said that she tries her best so that all the children get equal attention and no one feels left out.

She also said that she’s been criticized by outsiders for having such countless kids, but she does not care.

Source: PA Real Life

The mother of 11 said: ”The people who ask how I can give all my kids enough attention are usually those who send their kids off to school, I do not understand their logic when I am around my kids 24 hours a day.’

Courtney, who also a teacher and teaches nearby children at chapel Sunday school, clarifies she’s ‘more like a mentor’ and at times has ”four kids queuing up’ to ask her maths questions while she’s changing diapers She has had seven vaginal births, two C-sections (one of which was to twins) and furthermore tragically had two miscarriages.

Source: PA Real Life

Courtney, who has never endured morning sickness, said she ‘loves being pregnant and dreaming what her most recent kid will resemble and picking out names. The parents wake every day at around 7:30 am, and Courtney called mornings ‘the most chaotic piece of the day’, however, her older children lend a helping hand and have chores to do.


A pet tiger on the loose was filmed roaming around a West Houston neighborhood on Sunday

An accidentally escaped pet tiger was captured on camera as it wandered through a Houston neighborhood Sunday night before its owner hauled it back inside and then bundled it into his Jeep and escaped as police showed up on the scene.

Panicked residents recorded the huge feline wandering uninhibitedly in Ivy Wall Drive, in West Houston, at around 8pm.

Take a look at the video below:

The tiger seems to be a pet and is seen wearing a restraint in the 54-second video footage posted to social media. While the territory of Texas has exceptionally loosened up laws on ownership of animals like tigers, is illicit to keep a tiger in the city of Houston.

Houston PD representative Victor Senties told the that officials were called to the scene, however, the owner escaped in a white Jeep Cherokee.

Police sought after the vehicle for a short time through West Houston losing sight of it as it drove west on Memorial Drive. People with the city’s Major Offenders Division are currently chasing for the owner.

In the video, an off-duty Waller County Sheriff’s deputy who lives in the area is seen pointing his weapon at the tiger as it stalks towards him.

In the video you can see a woman saying:There is a freaking Bengal tiger roaming in this yard and this dude needs to be careful, What the heck? Why is there a tiger?’  

The recording, posted online on Sunday evening, shows pickup trucks and different vehicles attempting to obstruct the tiger in to keep it from getting away.

The individual catching the recording, which has been seen by more than 750,000 by Monday morning, makes a run for it when the tiger gets excessively close.

At last, an individual appears (the owner of the tiger) from a house saying and can be heard saying: ‘I’ll get him, I’ll get him.’

The man picked the creature by the collar and takes it back into a house. Get the f** back inside. F**k you and your f**king tiger,’ another man can be heard shouting at him.


Pilot shared his story how crucial 45 seconds saved his life

The reality Jamie Hull is here to tell the story of his terrible accident is not less than a miracle.

At the point when the elite forces soldier was 1,000 feet over the ground alone in a burning plane, he had two alternatives – and both would almost certainly mean instant death.

The brave pilot either needed to remain in the cockpit as the fire burned him to death or jump from the airplane before it crushed into the ground in a wad of fire, reports DailyMirror.

Source: Daily Mirror

Regardless of the horrifying pain, Jamie figured out how to remain conscious to bring the plane low enough so he could out get onto the wing and jump.

Jamie endured 65% severe burns to his face and body, and his eye socket and cheekbone were broken.

He additionally had serious interior wounds and rental failure issues, kidney dialysis, pneumonia, and septicemia. Doctors said that his chance of survival would be 5%.

Source: Daily Mirror

Yet, survive he did. after going through almost half a year in an induced coma in the US, and a further year and a half in a UK medical care going through more than 60 surgeries and operations, Jamie defied all the odds against him.

Jamie said: “Quite honestly I shouldn’t be here after what I went through, It is miraculous. What I endured, the price I paid for survival was off the charts in terms of suffering and injury and what I went through in those early years. I don’t know how my body was able to hold on.”

Source: Daily Mirror

Not only did he hold on, but he also transformed the trauma into something exceptionally positive. Regardless of serious phases of depression where he battled with suc!dal thoughts, Jamie has modified his life running marathons, the Race Across America, and contending in the Invictus Games.

Source: Daily Mirror

He has additionally gone skydiving and skiing and worked as a scuba diving trainer and motivational speaker in the expectation his fight to survive will motivate those confronting difficulty.;

Source: Daily Mirror

The horrendous accident occurred in 2007 when, on a break from training, Jamie traveled to Florida to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot.

He was on a normal solo training flight when fiasco struck and he saw flames licking their way around his airplane.

They soon penetrated the cockpit around the floor pedals, moving gradually up his legs – however he had no way out as he was as yet 1,000ft over the ground. Yet, his military skills kicked in and he realized he had 45 seconds to save his life.

As the fire immersed his body, adrenaline kicked in and somehow blocked out the searing pain as he guided the plane to only 15ft over the ground, hopped onto the wing, and tossed his consuming body to the floor.

Source: Daily Mirror

Depicting those 45 seconds that were to completely change himself forever, Jamie says: “Initially there was some panic going on. This was no drill – it was an actual emergency. What action was I going to take to get myself out of that situation? I didn’t know if I was going to make it. It was not an easy position to be in. I was in a vulnerable position – I was a thousand feet above ground when the flames breached the cockpit.”

Source: Daily Mirror

He has also written a book named **Life on a Thread** about his experiences. It is available on amazon.


Guy criticize a woman’s dress on Tinder so she posted the entire thing on social media

The world is changing very fast in deep, I do not know whether this speed will stop or not but with time the concept of dating is also changing for example Tinder a famous dating app.

Just a year ago, Thea Chippendale had an appalling experience with a man on the app, who offered the lady some spontaneous “advice”. The man’s name was George he said: “Not gonna lie you’re a bit of a joke but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favours. Hope this helps,” with a thumbs-up emoji at the end of his sentence.

Of everything the man could’ve said, he chose to criticize the dress Thea was wearing in one of the photographs.

Thea proceeded to share their conversation screenshots on Twitter, showing exactly how discourteous individuals on Tinder can be. The reactions from individuals on social media were what you’d normally expect from anyone reading such a conversation, but something out of the box happened. Perceiving how Chippendale was criticized for wearing their dress, individuals behind ASOS chose to make Thea their model and set up her photograph on their site to represent the dress.

According to bored panda Thea said: “The situation started when I was on a usual scroll of Tinder and came across a message from the guy, he then wrote those comments,” she provided some background to the story. “I was so angry that I just decided to tweet them, only thinking that it would shock a few of my friends but within a matter of hours it took off and there were thousands of people across the world tweeting me with support,” 

With caption She tweeted 2 photographs: Men are trash. (Included the pic he’s on about

Chippendale likewise shared her response to ASOS’ reaction to the tweet:“I was in shock when ASOS responded the way they did, I couldn’t believe that they had done what they had done and was so grateful that they were able to put such a positive spin on such a negative situation”.

This is what ASOS tweeted:

Thea further added in her tweets: Today I had the amazing opportunity to got to the ASOS HQ and learn all about the incredible things they do there and values they stand by. The ASOS team treated me like a true queen and I’m so grateful that they gave me an experience I will never forget

This is how people reacted to her situation:

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