To protest against their school’s sexist dress code 100 boys wore skirts

Zach Paulin knew that it wasn’t fair for the school to target girls, their dresses and associate it with bad behavior. At their Canadian high school, girls had been pressured to make sure their skirts were 10 centimeters below the knee, while there were no such restrictions for boys.

We all are now increasingly aware of women’s rights that have brought a massive change in the society. Even then if they are considered weaker and inferior, they do know how to fight and get back to these bullies. Moreover, girls aren’t alone in their fight against the patriarchy prevailing in many societies.

Source: Instagram | @zachpaulin

100 male students at a high school in Canada decided to stand up against a sexist change in dress which was made in their school. The male students came to the class wearing skirts to protest against toxic masculinity, homophobia and the forced patriarchy.

The school management declared the dressing of girls as the cause of bad behaviour. This seemed quite as trying to sabotage characters of women so the school boys took it as a challenge and protested.

Two days before the protest was held and a big movement boiled over, 16-year-old Zachary Paulin informed around 30 people that he planned to wear a skirt to school on Friday, but he told he had never expected that so many of his classmates would participate in this.


Woman Forms A Beautiful Bond With Bee Who Was In Need Of A Friend

Last year, Fiona Presly formed a very different friendship she won’t soon forget.

She was gardening outside her home in Scotland during the start of spring; Presly noticed a queen bumblebee at her feet, seemed cold and disoriented. Afraid the little being could get stepped on, she bent down to place the it on a flower — not knowing that the bee was very different.

“I picked her up and noticed there was something peculiar,” Presly told. “She had no wings.”


Presly was unsure of how to help, but offered the bee some sugar water and set her on some flowering plant, hoping she would be able to recover and manage on her own. She checked the spot a few hours later; however, she discovered that the bee hadn’t moved.

Suddenly, a heavy storm was about to start — so Presly had to do something now.

“I took her inside that night, kept her warm and fed her more,” she said. “I thought I would put her out the next day, but the weather was bad then too. So I kept her inside.”


Presly contacted the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for help and came to learn that the bee most likely had a virus known to affect wing development. The queen’s chances of survival in the wild were low without the ability to fly.

But seeing that the bee was otherwise healthy, Presly decided to help her live. And that meant thinking out of the box.

“I made a garden for her,” Presly said.


The bee, has now been formally named as Bee, would have to walk from flower to flower to feed, Presly built her a private floral buffet. Using some netting, she built Bee an enclosure full of blossoms where other bees and insects couldn’t reach to deplete the pollens.


Since the bee, now formally named Bee, would have to walk from flower to flower to feed, Presly built her a private floral buffet. Using some netting, she built Bee an enclosure full of blossoms where her winged counterparts couldn’t reach to deplete the pollen.

Presly continued to check daily, bringing her tiny cups of sugar water if she seemed to appear lethargic and carried her indoors if the weather turned rainy.

A beautiful thing happened; a remarkable bond was formed between them.


Soon, each time Presly would drop by the enclosed garden, something surprising began happening — Bee would eagerly appear from the foliage to greet her.

“She’d walk toward me and crawl on my hand,” Presly said. “She seemed so happy to see me. It made me stop and think — there’s something going on here.”


Presly couldn’t explain the reasons but the Bee seemed to really enjoy being in touch with her. She seemed to brighten up whenever Presly was around to hold her.

“It was like her whole being came to life. I think she liked the fact that she wasn’t alone,” Presly said. “I think she thrived on company, even from another species. They are naturally sociable creatures. That would be in their instinct.”


Presly was also in love with the Bee, who seemed to regard her as a real friend.

“We were quite comfortable with each other,” she said. “There were things going on with this bee that were quite something.”


Normally, a queen bumblebee spent the spring and summer constructing a nest, mating and starting a colony — finally dying at the approach of autumn. Under Presly’s care, Bee had lived longer them all. But her time also eventually ended.


Five months later, Bee just fell asleep in Presly’s hand and then never woke up again.


Source: The dodo

A Second Neglected Egg Hatched By A Gay Penguin Couple After The Zookeepers Notice Them Trying To Hatch A Rock

Sphen and Magic, the only gay couple at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, first bonded two years ago. It was around that time when the two were provided a spare egg to hatch after they’d been trying to hatch a rock.

Now, their chick Lara is out and enjoying her adult life, but Sphen and Magic still have their parental instinct kicking.

The Aquarium’s “power couple” has made everyone happy by becoming proud dads for the second time. “If one of our pairs has too many eggs or are not good at looking after their eggs, we will sometimes foster these eggs out to other pairs like Sphen and Magic. We gave Sphen and Magic an egg to incubate as they have proven to be good parents in the past,” the Aquarium’s spokesperson said.

The staff described the pair as “attentive” and “incredibly caring,” which just makes them the heart touching penguin parents out there.

Image credits: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Their relationship started back in 2018. They would take swims together and wouldn’t part. Soon after the breeding season started, the couple began collecting stones for their love nest.

It was then the staff noticed they were trying to hatch a rock and gave them a dummy egg to care for. Sphen and Magic left everyone surprised by how well they cared for that egg that the staff decided they were ready to foster a real egg on their own.

Image credits: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Image credits: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Image credits: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Image credits: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Same-sex pairings like Sphen and Magic are quite common in the animal kingdom with approximately 450 species showing same-sex behavior.

“Penguins, including Gentoo penguins, are among the many species in which male-male or female-female pairs occur frequently. Adopting of eggs in the wild can occur with an abandoned egg; however, it is likely that this egg could be infertile, which is why it has been left.”

“Females will also mate with males before returning to their female-female pair and subsequently lay an egg that the females both raise. In human care, they have proven to be wonderful parent options and will care for and nurture their egg and chick as if it were their own.”

Image credits: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Image credits: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Sphen is the epitome of a proud, protective dad. “Recently, Sphen and Magic’s chick has grown big enough to start taking short trips away from the nest, exploring the environment. Sphen followed the chick closely on these little expeditions, guiding it and protecting it from anyone that the chick might wander up to.”

Source: Bored Panda

Golden retriever filmed ‘crying for help’ as he is destined to die at the slaughterhouse

Xiao Chi had gone to a slaughterhouse and was saw a golden retriever howling in desperation, as he is destined to die. He went back there the following day to try and save the poor dog but he couldn’t find him.

Take a look at the video below:

In a video posted on Douyin, Chi stands outside the gated slaughterhouse and shows what’s trapped inside the harrowing place. Most dogs were pets sold by their owners or stray dogs that had been captured from the street, he explained.

Some of the dogs are locked up in a kennel and others roam around the front yard.

Image Source: Douyin/Cyc55557777

He says: “So many dogs here, they are so skinny.” Suddenly, a golden retriever jumps up to a small viewing window and catches Chi’s attention. The sad retriever pokes his head outside and howls sadly at him, as if he is crying for help. He also seemed to have teary eyes.

Chi continues: “This golden retriever, I feel like he’s crying, begging for help. Oh, he is really crying. “Just let out a wail.”

Image Source: Douyin/Cyc55557777

However, the slaughterhouse owner came there and the poor canine walked away. Chi could see another golden retriever and also an Alaskan malamute before the pooch jumped up on screen again.

“My heart aches, he wants to live,” Chi sighs. “What should I do? How can the owner be so cruel to their dog?”

Image Source: Douyin/Cyc55557777

The video clip ended with Chi saying the golden retriever was taken away from the front yard soon after. He made a request to viewers to help save dogs from the slaughterhouse and to stop consuming dog meat.

A PS5 for $450 sold by a scammer to a disabled woman and never sent it, so she decides to mess up his life as a lesson

We all know how difficult it has been to get our hands on the new PlayStation 5 since its release. So if someone really wants to possess the console, they become open to all kinds of opportunities. Desperate times call for desperate efforts.

An artist Brittany Everette, did nothing different too. She pursued one chance that presented itself on Twitter. Or at least she believed it did. “This guy … reached out to me saying he was selling his PS5 digital edition that his fiancé gifted him because it was the wrong version. He was selling it at the regular price too,” Everette tweeted.

She was skeptical at first obviously but he seemed genuine, so she agreed to a 50% down payment and the rest 50% on arrival. And that’s when she realized she was being scammed.

The woman never had any personal such interactions with scammers before this experience. So for someone without any “street smartness”, but Brittany still did amazing!

She revealed that the reaction her thread has received was really supportive. “I had no idea my story would reach this many people. The amount of love and positivity has been truly incredible.”

However, she got her money back, Brittany still haven’t acquired a PS5. “I’ve tried every restock at Target, Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, Sony, and Best Buy with no luck,” she explained. “Bots buy entire stocks out within seconds then resell them for over $1,000. I really want one, but it’s starting to seem impossible (this is me asking if Sony wants to send me a PS5 digital edition).”

Not surprisingly, she isn’t alone in this situation. Sony has created one of the hot selling gadgets of recent years in the PlayStation 5, but its launch has been ruined by scalpers who are buying up such scarce gadgets and threatening the longevity of the company’s health, most importantly the product.

Scalpers, who buy the PS5 at retail price and then resell at a higher price, have long posed a challenge in the gaming business. But the problem currently is much bigger due to the corona virus which has squeezed production and pushed more console sales to go online where scalpers are able to use sophisticated bots to buy up the PlayStation 5 (and the new Microsoft Xbox).

These bots consistently observe online stores for changes in inventory and supplies, then automatically place orders and check out in seconds as soon the goods become available.

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