Father explains how accepted his 11-year-old to perform as a drag queen

At the point when Fabian Butler was born, his caring father Darren held him dreamed of the man he would grow up to be – how he would play football with him and show him how to box, much the same as he’d adored as a kid.

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However, by age eight, the young kid from Gwent, South Wales, had lost interest in sports and told his shocked dad that he needed to dress up in his mum’s clothes. After trying everything to talk his son on his latest stage, Darren felt awkward about what his companions would think about his child’s modify personality.

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Presently at age 11, Fabian performs as one of the nation’s most youthful drag queens, as to alter ego Francheska Valley – and Darren cheerfully takes him to gigs and even causes him to pick his outfits.

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Father Darren said: ‘I was the opposite when I was younger. When you have your first boy, you have expectations. I used to box as a kid so I always hoped that he would grow up and want to pursue boxing. I would take him to play football with me and you could see that it wasn’t for him. When he started dressing up, I was in denial, I just thought it was kids being kids at an age like that. I just thought he was going through a phase but when I spoke to my wife about it and realised that it wasn’t a phase, I was hurt. She persuaded me to go to his first performance, I really didn’t want to go. But as soon as I saw how happy he was on stage, I could see how much it meant to him. It brought a tear to my eye and I realised he can’t live his life through my eyes. He has to live his dream, not my dreams. I am the proudest dad in the world.’

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Fabian started wearing his mum’s clothes when he was only five years of age, after getting mum Rachel’s makeup and jewelry.
He’d get back home and tell his mom and dad that how he respected the garments his instructors were wearing, and sneak Rachel’s garments from her closet to try on.

His mother Rachael said: ‘It’s just normal to us – I’ve grown with him through this and we didn’t need to have a conversation about it as it was just normality. As he got older, I started buying him makeup which caused loads of disagreements between Darren and I but Fabian’s face lights up when he wears makeup.

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Father Darren further added: Fabian started a football club when he was six but you could see he wasn’t happy; he much preferred his drama club and gymnastics group. When I tried to get him into boxing, he would say ‘I’m not getting my lip split’. He’s not got a bad bone in his body’.

Sometimes Darren found it hard to accept about his son Fabian makeup demands which causes a lot of chaos in the family.

His mother Rachael said: ‘When he was seven, he started wearing makeup more often and Darren would tell him to take it off which would leave Fabian very upset. It caused arguments because I would say – look how good he looks! It took a while for Darren to come round to the idea of him wearing makeup. Fabian would tell Darren that he was just doing his makeup to show him and he was so upset when Darren would tell him to take it off. Sometimes he would go and take it off but there were a lot of tears – it was frustrating for me because I could see how talented Fabian was at doing his makeup’.

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Yet, when Fabian acted in front of Darren for the first time in Newbridge with his show club, it caused him to acknowledge how gifted his child was at performing.

Father Darren said: ‘He had his own act and performed Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman in front of 200 people on stage. He started a drama club when he was nine and this was his first opportunity to perform. I was really nervous about going but when I saw him performing, it brought a tear to my eye’.

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Mother Rachael continued: ‘Fabian filled up with tears and said ‘I’m so glad my dad is here’. I told him to show his dad what he’s got and he went out there and gave the best performance.

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Horse forced by a man to drink champagne

A Footage is going viral on the internet that shows a pony being compelled to drink down a full jug of champagne after winning a race on the Spanish island of Majorca. Take a look at the footage below:

The recording was taken after the Manacor Grand Prix on Monday (12 October) and has been marked as ‘horrifying’ by the animal activist group. The pony is called Helen Llinartix and in the video clip, a man can be seen holding the helpless animal’s reins as the man pours almost an entire bottle of alcohol down its throat.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

In the same footage, the pony looks entirely awkward and helpless, he continuously tried to pull its head. At that point, the man pours the last residue of the shining wine over its head. He at that point kisses the pony on the nose as the watching swarm cheers and applauds out of sight.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Assaib a member of the Balearic Islands’ Animal Association said: “This idiot made the winning horse Helen Llinaritx drink a bottle of champagne. The person in the video has been sanctioned at European level for doping several competition horses. He has also been banned from approaching horses. We have already lodged a formal complaint with the relevant authorities for animal mistreatment.”

He further added: “We would like to express our indignation over what happened following the Manacor Grand Prix. It is clear from the footage that Helen Llinaritx is made to drink a bottle of champagne while the rest of those present laugh at what is happening. The individual who makes the horse drink alcohol has been sanctioned by the French Trotting Association over the doping of four horses. He’s been banned from training horses in France for four years and was fined £55,000. We consider this clear example of animal mistreatment appalling and once again it shows that this person doesn’t respect animals or the law.”

An investigation has been launched by the Majorca Equestrian Sports Institute.

Mom embarrassed after discovering her daughter is using lube instead of hand sanitiser

A five-year-old young girl from Scotland was pleased to discover a hand sanitizer that was ‘hot and smooth’, but later on her mom discovered that it was actually a lube.

In this pandemic time, everyone is carrying a sanitizer, young girl Summer tried to stack up her pockets with sanitiser before going to class a week ago to ensure she could keep her hands clean for the duration of the day.

It wasn’t until her mother Louise Hosie was filling the clothes washer a couple of days later she found the bottle of Ann Summers’ ‘Heat Wave’ lubricant in her girl’s jacket; she was shocked and embarrassed.

Source: Triangle News

According to The Sun Louise said: I’d just left it in the box, it hadn’t been touched. Two days ago, I was washing Summer’s school jacket and realised she’d actually been taking it to school. Because her name is Summer and the bottle had Ann Summers on it, I think she thought it was hers. Right away, I was mortified thinking what if the teachers had seen it. But I guess if they saw it they’d have taken it off her.

At the point when she faced her little girl about the lubricant bottle, Summer basically clarified that it was for sanitising her hands ‘so [she] didn’t get germs’. The five-year-old said she likes the gel since it felt ‘hot and smooth’

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She further added: It’s the one that goes hot and tingly. It’s just really funny. I told her ‘This is mummy’s’. I asked if she’d sanitised her friends’ hands and she said yes.

The mortified mum conceded she has no clue about how long Summer had been utilizing the lube, however she doesn’t figure her little girl would have away with it at school for more than a couple of days.Louise seized the lube and told Summer it should stay in cupboard, however she said she’s actually going to be humiliated to face Summer’s teachers while doing the school run.

Cat escorted by train guard after he was found traveling without ticket

Video footage showing a stowaway feline being accompanied off a train after he was discovered to be “going without a ticket” has gone viral on the web.

The feline had tried to sneak onboard on a high-speed bullet train in north-west China on Sunday. The video clip shared via social media shows a train guard removing the cat passenger from the train. Rather than getting the feline, the train guard can be seen strolling it off while holding it under the armpits, before leaving it on the floor.

The one who posted the video on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tiktok, included a subtitle saying that “the silly cat” had been “forced to leave the train after refusing to buy a ticket.”It’s not clear what was the fate of the feline after it was left at the station. It’s not the only animal to stow away on a vehicle.

Take a look at the video below:

A mynah feathered bird was found on board a departure from Singapore to the UK in January 2019. The creature, local to southern Asia, was found around 12 hours into the Singapore Airlines trip to London, which usualy takes 14 hours.

Footage shows a dog escapes from hungry crocodiles

A swimming canine has barely gotten away from the jaws of a hungry crocodile after being chased through the sea.

A lady holidaying at Umagico, 35km south of Cape York in Far North Queensland, posted a video online of the incident at Alau seashore on Sunday morning. Footage showing a dog playing in the water as the hungry and enormous crocodile moved towards it, following the dog as it desperately tried to get back on the beach.

Source: Han and her four men

The dog starts running towards the shore then suddenly stops to look at the crocodile as it quickly approaches. The reptile is one meter from its prey when the canine chooses to turn and run out of the water to its owner.

A man watching the whole incident could be seen anxiously interlocking his hands on his head. Hannah, who recorded the video and shared on her Facebook blog Han and Her Four Men, said the canine is very much adored as a neighborhood pet.

Source: Han and her four men

According to daily mail Australia Hannah said: ‘There were about 15 people on the bank watching it unfold and every single person had their hearts in their mouths,’ Hannah told Daily Mail Australia.  We all looked at each other afterwards with utter dismay and shock at what we had just witnessed.  You watch David Attenborough on the screen and get nervous but to witness it in real life is absolutely heart stopping. Everyone was just so thankful it was a happy ending!’

Take a look at the video below:

Source: Han and her four men