21-year-old Australian Olympian With No Sponsors Worked At Woolworths To Fund Herself for Tokyo Olympics

Being an athlete is not an easy thing and is a full-time profession with strong dedication and hard training, however, in most cases the income in such jobs is very low. Sponsorship and government funding are also not that easy and even if you are going for Olympics it does not guarantee that you will be funded.

Australian runner, Riley Day, who worked at a supermarket to save some cash for the Olympics.

Olympian competitor Riley Day didn’t have any backers who might help her with going to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, however, she did it by herself.

Riley Day is a 21-year-old Australian runner who started her vocation at nine years old. Her most noteworthy accomplishment until contending in the Olympics was winning a gold medal in the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games in the 200 meters and silver in the 100 meters.

She qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but nobody was supporting Riley and she needed to consider something to have the option to contend in the greatest sporting event on the planet.

Riley found a new line of work at a grocery store to save some cash for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

To achieve this dream, Riley found low maintenance line of work at an Australian general store, Woolworths.

Microsoft to support Woolworths' next phase of cloud transformation –  Microsoft Australia News Centre

When Tokyo Olympics started, the supermarket chain posted on their LinkedIn: “We’re proud to see one of our team members represent Australia on the world stage. Good luck Riley, we can’t wait to see you on the track!”

They likewise shared a photograph of Riley and a customer named John, who is 90 years of age and visually impaired. Woolworths composed that Riley is continually assisting him with his week after week shop and on the off chance that she sees that John didn’t come, the Olympian hits him up to check-in.

Evidently, her hard work is finally paid off, because we saw Riley contend in the 200 m run. The competitor passed to the semi-finals, however, she lost in the semifinal.

But, Riley has a full right to be proud of herself since she financed everything by herself in the Tokyo Olympics without help from anyone else and besides, she beat her very own record, and presently her own best outcome is 22.56 seconds. Furthermore, she accomplished this via preparing while at the same time working!

In an exclusive interview with Channel 7 she said: “Holy s**t! That was a much better race than this morning. I’ve got my groove. Now I hope it’s the fastest heat so I can get in the final. Because that is a massive PB. That’s awesome. I want to be the best and nothing is going to stop me from being the best.”

We wishing Riley all the best for the future. You are an inspiration!

When her story went viral on social media people from all over the world have their reactions:

One said: This is just so bloody awesome girl, no words, no man, no brand, no celebration. Now the road is paved for your story, done by you in your power

A second one added: working hard to fund her own Olympic dream is fantastic. Granted she didn’t medal but running a personal best will help her qualify for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

While a third one said: She should get a Platinum medal for all her efforts

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