This 5-year-old girl from Ohio has amazing dance moves.

As a young kid, you likely could be categorized as one of two options: the shy one who felt hesitant about communicating, or the confident one, cordial sparkler who kept literally nothing down. Ask any individual who’s met five-year-old Lily of Ohio, and they’ll without a doubt name her as the last latter.

The young lady will take any risk she can to get everyone’s attention, and her preschool graduation was no special case.

Source: Facebook

Lily’s grandma, Martina Blair, recorded as the young lady danced close by her clasmates at school in May. But while her friends just sway along to the music, Lily bets everything, unmistakably having a ton of fun and cracking up all the adults in attendance.

Source: Facebook

Martina can scarcely hold it together as she films her granddaughter getting a move to the children’s song “Tooty Ta.” At one point, she level out wheezes and grunts from giggling so hard. It doesn’t help that Lily continues to change from one hilarious facial expression to the next, absorbing all the eyes she can get.

Take a look at the video below:

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