10 Pretty Women Who Initially Were Men

Christine Jorgensen

We talk about the current times being more accepting but here’s a woman who decided to be a flag bearer of change when even gender reassignment surgeries were frowned upon! She is the first woman in America to do so!

Chanel Santini

Look at this absolutely gorgeous woman. Can you believe that she was born as a man? Santini has worked in adult industry as well!

Thalita Zampirolli

She is a well known face in Brazil and got her transformation at the age of 18. She is considered to be one of the prettiest converts in the world. She has been an inspiration for many all around the world!

Kim Petras

Another extremely drop dead gorgeous woman who was born as a man originally! Sometimes you look at them and it becomes impossible to believe that they weren’t born the way they look now!

Florencia Trinidad

She was popularly known as Flor de la V. Well, she is the first woman from Argentina who changed herself from male to female. She is a very popular TV presenter and an actress back there.

Carmen Carrera

Even Carmen is an extremely popular TV personality. Her transformation has inspired plenty and is one of the most famous transgender in the world!

Claudia Charriez

She became famous when she appeared in a popular show America Next top model. But when she revealed she was a born male, it surprised everybody!

Andreja Pejic

She is a supermodel who broke all norms when she announced her identity as male transformed into female. She looks incredibly beautiful and charming, doesn’t she?

Jenna Talackova

Her breaking into the scene of fame was extremely dramatic. She rose to fame when she was not allowed to participate at a pageant as she was not born as female.

Caroline Cossey

She was born in 1954 and is one of the most famous trans woman to have ever lived! In fact, she was the first transgender to appear on cover page of Playboy!

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